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    Yesterday Jim accused me of loving Halloween.  I instantly & indignantly denied, then was startled to reflect & realize he is right.  I LOVE dressing up my kids and seeing their excitement.  It's these moments I want to bottle up...perhaps to bring out and sprinkle on the "everyday" of some dreary February afternoon.  Trick or Treating was a treat for me.  Miss Mae sped anxiously to each door, then rushed back to the security of Mom, grasping my hand firmly each time until I nodded her to the next doorway.  And she squealed every. time. a piece of candy was dropped into her bag.  I sqealed inside each time her little hand grabbed mine.  Who knows if she'll want to cling so closely to me next year or the next. 


    Azure is still well under the power of Mom's opinions, so when I saw a darling Wonder Woman costume on etsy, I quickly swayed her toward it. Which really wasn't difficult once she saw the giant star-spangled tutu. My talented friend sewed it together for less than half the etsy price (yay!). I added the armbands, magic lasso, and tiara, and we spray-painted Aidan's first pair of cowboy boots (her favorite accessory by far).

    the first time she tried on the costume, her hands went straight to her hips...such the superhero pose.

    dancing (not so superhero, but sooooo Miss Mae)

    [a little aside:  yesterday we were headed to the store and Azh grabbed her tiara and boots.  She was yawning, so I asked if she was too tired to come.  Her response:  "No, Mom.  People need to see me with my boots on."  Really???]


    Davyn starts considering Halloween costumes by mid-summer [I definitely know where he gets that from!].  This year when I asked what he was thinking about, his eyes lit up and he replied, "Whatever gets me the most attention."  Well, attention is exactly what he got with his headless doctor costume. 


    My powers of persuasion no longer extend to my Aidan [though that statement falsely presupposes that they ever did!].  Otherwise, you would see him here in a giant mustache and strong man tank top.  His main costume requirement, however, was not a dumbbell...or even an awesome 'stache.  Not surprising to those who know my boy...he needed a weapon. 

     and now is the part where they posed & posed & posed.  I LOVE my sillies.


    AND I love that we trick-or-treated with the Hendrix hoodlums.  Cousins ROCK!


    Reader Comments (2)

    I love Halloween!! It's fun to dress and get in character. Too bad I rarely do it. All 3 kids look great. Love Wonder Woman!! And the headless Dr. How in the world did D think that one up? Very clever. I'm glad Aidan got his weapon.
    November 5, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterkay
    Adorableness!! I love your writing and the way you capture your feelings about motherhood and your sweet littles. All your kiddos look fantastic and although I resent Halloween taking over the lovely month of October, I do enjoy the night of trick-or-treating and watching that childhood delight in real time. So much fun.
    November 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLucy

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