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    first day of school

    The first day of school was pretty much a non-event at our house.  And I nearly forgot to snap a picture on our way out the door.  The boys love Frankllin and know most of their classmates. 

    When class lists were posted 2 weeks before school started, Aidan's name was nowhere to be found.  I read over & over the 3rd grade classes.  To no avail.  He was thrilled, happily trying to convince me that this meant he couldn't go to school this year.  One phone call later, he had a teacher. 

    I've really noticed the difference between his homework from 2nd to 3rd grade.  There seems to be somuch more!  Add his crazy after school activities into the equation and we have a VERY busy weekday schedule.  But he impresses me constantly with his maturity in taking responsibility for getting his homework and reading done. One day last week he had an hour of cubs and two hours of football, so by the time he had eaten dinner and rested a minute it was 9 p.m. (far past bedtime) and he wasn't done with homework.  With no prompting from us, he set his alarm for 6:00 a.m.  Jim got up the next morning to check on him at around 6:30.  The boy was downstairs at the kitchen table, finishing up his work. 

    The first week of 1st Grade was a little rocky for Davyn.  He forgot to take his lunch once and forgot to bring home his homework twice.  But he is now adjusted to the all-day schedule and - of course - loves school.  He loves learning.  And still hasn't ever received a single grade below 100%.  I'll have to devise a way to deal with the little perfectionist when that day inevitably comes. 

    He gave me a scare the week before school started by nearly chopping off the tip of his thumb.  It was awesome and bloody and took a few weeks to heal completely. 

    This girl has had the most trouble adjusting to the boys starting school.  For the first few days, she took it all in stride (not knowing what was happening, I'm sure).  But now she stands at the door crying every day when they leave. 

    The poor girl has 4 whole years left before she can walk out that door with them. 

    Reader Comments (1)

    That is a lot of maturity for an 8 yr. old to set his own alarm and finish his homework. And I am glad Davyn is adjusting and enjoying school all day long. I'm sure Azure misses her brothers. She probably enjoys having Mom to herself though.
    September 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKay

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