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    Utah 2011

    2003 was a good year.  All 5 Hendrix siblings had babies.  I won't tell the story about how I had the first summer due date out of 3, but ended up delivering dead last.  Or how I sobbed when I saw {felt?}how much a 2 week overdue baby weighs. 

    What I will tell is how 2011 marks the Baptisms of all 5 of those suddenly-8's. 

    Miss Savannah started us off in March.  And Baylee, Aidan and Wyatt miraculously fell on different July Saturdays.  What are the odds?  We happily escaped the heat for a few days to be with Baylee on her big day. 

    We haven't visited the Adairs as a family for a few years - long overdue. 

    The trip also included quad riding, Madee's ball games, backyard volleyball, Just Dance!, July 4th celebrations, and late late late nights.  It took a few days to recover our schedules after the latter.  I'm just not accustomed to the sun going down at 9:30 pm!

    Here are a few pics from the trip:  

    Miss Reagan LOVED riding the quad.

    Miss Mae loved it in theory...until it was actually turned on.

    Shane built an awesome quad course on their property.  The kids had a blast going around.  This was D on his maiden voyage with the help of Mandi.  Eventually he was driving himself, which is a big deal because he has always refused to try in the past. 

    This was a common sight:  Aidan & Crew went around & around & around.

    Azure, again contenting herself with stationary vehicles.  It's all in the play..apparently.

    These three were hilarious - kept wanting to pose.

    Madee was in a softball tournament.  We loved watching her play!

    4th of July Parade - downtown Cedar City

    Reader Comments (2)

    There's nothing quite like having the cousins together! It's also so fun that your family has 5 the same age!

    I had a dream with you and Azure in it and little Miss Azure Mae was wearing a very blue skirt and top to match her eyes.
    August 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJill S.
    We had so much fun up there with you guys!
    August 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMandi

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