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    some words on D

    (wrote this in early December, but never posted...)

    Because he is suffering from middle child syndrome.  This weekend's theme has been "Aidan gets to do everything"...accompanied by tears & wailing & teeth-gnashing.  Aidan is now the resident egg scrambler and sausage cook.  And Davyn cries every time it happens.  Never mind the fact that I didn't let Aidan near the stove at Davyn's age.  Completely unfair.

    To fight against all of the inequality in his life, D has become quite the king of arguing.  NOTHING can be said without a rebuttal. And he must have the last word. 

    Needless to say (for those who know me and my patience levels), this has been a very difficult stage.  But so different from the difficult stages of Aidan.  Each child truly brings their own unique challenges and triumphs. 

    On the triumph side, Davyn LOVES school and does an incredible job.  He recently was awarded Student of the Month.  Miss Zaviska praised his thankful and scholarly ways in front of the entire school {I'm told that he is quite famous now in his role as the resident 1st grade geography expert}.  He beamed, of course. 

    And Davyn is always a winner with Miss Mae.  I love the picture of them at the top.  She consistently turns to him for help, laughs, and love.  If something is stuck, D comes to the rescue.  If mom is busy and she needs a book read to her, D is happily by her side.  If she wants to watch Tangled for the seventy-second time in one week, D is game.  In the end, I'm quite sure this middle child will be sent into much mischief at her command.  She is the only one who trumps his need for the last word these days.  

    Love this crazy boy of mine! 

    p.s.  note the teeth he *finally!* lost.  He'll be 7 in February and was the only child in his class left with all of his baby teeth. 

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