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    Amy Scott Cakes


    The fabulous Jordan Gallup designed my logo and helped me find a printer to die cut my business cards.  My website is done (minus about 30 pictures I need to find and add).  Click here to visit.

    I LOVED taping my card onto my last cupcake order.  Felt so professional!


    Harry Potter Birthday Party

    Back in February, we celebrated Davyn's 7th birthday.  The boy is Harry Potter obsessed.  Strangely, his favorite character and object of the most obsession is Lupin, the werewolf.  I don't know how many times he has watched that movie. 

    These were the cute invites (thank you Pinterest for the idea and Cyndee for the balloon art skills).  Davyn loved putting them on his friends' doorsteps and bolting.  The insides were darling, too, but I never took a picture (a common, current theme in my life).

    And here was the cake:

    First, we had a feast:

    I really wish I had taken more pictures at the party.  It was the most enjoyable party I've ever thrown for my kids.   I was pondering on this and realized it's simply because they're growing up.  I wasn't babysitting a bunch of kids.  I thoroughly enjoyed the personalities of all of these boys that came and joined us.

    Jim then worked his magic.  The man seriously has kid party skills.  He devised a way for to use a sorting hat for the boys' wands to choose them.  Then he gave them a dueling lesson.  He taught them three spells (rock, paper, scissors style so that each one beat one and lost to one), and they loved it.  Then they played quidditch outside with an awesome set-up that my Megan friend loaned me last minute. 

    Fun boys, fun times.  I love my 7-year-old D.

    Oh, and I love my Jim who brought me these gorgeous flowers right before the party. They stayed alive for so long!


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    to Davyn at 7

    Birthdays are a bond between mother & child.  A few years ago, my mom was the first to call and wish me well as I turned thirty-something.  After the expected “happy birthday”, with hardly a pause in between, she started in on the equally expected “you were supposed to be born on the 30th, but Dad had a meeting”.  She has always told me a snippet of my birth story on its anniversary. 

    And maybe that’s why I have felt compelled to do the same.  And why I relish the connection of these birthday letters.  It’s our connection.  Our story.

    The part I told you this year included our supporting cast in the form of Dad.  No business meeting, but he did wander off for some breakfast after the doctor broke my water.  But that part is really subsidiary, so we’ll forgive.  We were the stars, you see.  And it was suddenly time for us to Shine.  You, much more confident in the star role than I, decided it was time to make your entrance before I was ready.  So I was unexpectedly bearing down, unprepared for the pain as your head began to crown.  I fought the timing in this unforeseen script, but eventually gave in to the inevitable.  And you came. 

    And lit up our lives.  And that's exactly what you continue to do.  Your countenance literally lights up our home and lives.  And that circle of light has expanded exponentially as you are making your way out into the world of school and Primary.  The light follows.

    Call me a sap, but yesterday I told Aidan he was my 2nd true love.  He smiled hugely and correctly guessed that Dad was my first.  And you, without a doubt, are my 3rd true love. 

    In 30 years, when you're 37 and I'm 67...your phone will ring at 6 a.m.  I won't be able to sleep past 5 by that time, I'm sure.  I'll say "happy birthday", then barely pause before "you were supposed to wait for Dad to come back from eating breakfast, but you pushed your way out into this world without my help."  Hopefully you'll know that you're still the 3rd love of my life.  And that you've added endless sparkle to my world.  It's the story we'll always share, after all.  Our story.


    January cake

    This was a first birthday cake. Jim and some of his kin still don't see the joy in the big first birthday bash. But for me, it is something stand-out. Special. Like a coming out of sorts. The time when that little human who you held and rocked and doted on for 12 months solid finally begins to become her own self, no longer just an extension of your own self. A big deal in my world. But I love to swim in nostalgia and sentiment. Jim, not so much.

    On to this cake. My Tasha sister-in-law does hair and this order came from one of her clients. I quite bonded with the little monkey as we put together her cake seat. But once she was properly enthroned, she demanded a tutu. And then she wanted it lined with pearls. I begrudgingly acquiesed and then sat back and knew she had been right. That tutu was a must.

    I wasn't there for the delivery, but Tasha said the mom got teary when she saw the cake. Sounds like someone who would gladly dip into nostalgia with me some day. I love doing cake for that sort.

    And, of course, there was a smash cake (note the alarm in Miss Monkey's face):

    I haven't done many cupcakes lately, but have quite a few orders for them coming up. These were for a bridal shower. People are so party creative. This one was held at a studio where they treated guests to a swing dance lesson. I wanted to get that vintagey, 40's feel in my flowers. I was particularly in love with the black ones. So so glam.

    some close-ups


    And I've been excited about this cake for a few months now. It's for a baby shower for my sister's (JoDee!) sister-in-law (Brook!) thrown by one of my good friends growing up (Paula!). A little name dropping for those who know my fam & friends. Anyone who knows Brook and Paula, knows that they are Paris (and travel) obsessed, so I was definitely not surprised by this shower theme.

    I was, however, surprised when I found a royal icing Eiffel Tower tutorial online. I knew it had to be done.

    As a bonus, I got to do this next little birthday cake for a friend turning 11. We have been in the ward with her family for years and are VERY sad that they're moving across the country. I felt lucky to make this cake for her birthday party the night before their departure.


    Cake Coming up in February: Davyn's birthday, wedding cupcakes for 150, Arizona's 100th birthday/Valentine's day, cookie bouquet, cake decorating class (what to teach Mia Maids in one hour??).